Committed to responsible environmental control

At Vielca Medio Ambiente, we preserve the environmental balance during the execution of construction projects and the development of activities. With our vast experience in engineering and environment, we are committed to ensure success at all stages of the project, from its genesis, through the works, to the development of the activity. To this end, we ensure compliance with the conditions formulated -in addition to the client and good environmental practices in the execution of works- by the environmental impact statements, environmental impact reports, integrated environmental authorizations or any other mandatory report.

In response to diverse environmental needs, we offer a wide range of specialized services that allow us to assess, diagnose and mitigate the impact of human actions in the natural environment or in the urban environment where the environmental well-being of people is at risk.

We have a long experience of demonstrable work with important national, regional and local public administrations, in construction management and technical assistance to construction management, including environmental monitoring, and advice and consultancy on environmental control of works and facilities.