Transforming environmental challenges into ingenious solutions

At Vielca Medio Ambiente we study environmental problems in an integrated manner, taking into account their ecological, social, economic and technological dimensions, with the aim of promoting sustainable development. This becomes especially relevant in the various areas where urban, industrial and tourism development creates negative pressures and externalities on the physical environment.

For this purpose, we have a multidisciplinary team where engineers work together with environmentalists. The former provide an overview of environmental issues and the latter analyze scientific, chemical, physical, ecological, social, economic and technological factors.

We support, among others, companies whose production processes make it necessary to assess and prevent damage to the environment: water, soil, air and atmosphere. We try to find technical solutions that are viable for the company, and allow it to improve its products or services while respecting nature.

Our passion lies in discovering cutting-edge solutions, respecting nature and promoting a harmonious balance between human progress and environmental preservation.